Our Service Apartment is a Modern Serviced Apartment Tower, peaceful, comfortable and tranquil located in a prestige Peak District in JARDINE’S LOOKOUT.


Our Service Apartment provides 3 bedrooms (1 ensuite with double bed, 2 single bedrooms) with balcony and bathrooms on Higher Zones and Middle Zones.  There are Apartment A and Apartment B on each floor. All our service apartments (Apartment A and Apartment B) have 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms designed in nice western stylish decorations and good layout. In Apartment A, there is a maid room and a maid toilet. In Apartment B, there is a store room and a maid toilet.  All floors are non-smoking zone.


Our Service Apartment is located in JARDINE’S LOOKOUT (Peak Area) with good school network and best air quality in Hong Kong Island, a Prestige District with open greenery view of tree and mountain, city view and beautiful firework views of Victoria Harbour & Kowloon at ceremonial occasions.  


Apartment A is roughly 1218 sq ft (gross floor area) and Apartment B is roughly 1343 sq. feet (gross floor area) on Higher Zone and on Middle Zone.  Middle Zone is from 5th floor to 10th floor (Premier Suites) whereas Higher Zone is from 29th floor to 31st floor (Deluxe Harbour Suites). It is with fully fitted kitchen and bathrooms with large living and dining space.  Apartments at various floors are at different ratings. 

Presidential Apartments have all things for each and everyone
Presidential Apartments
50A Tai Hang Road
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Presidential Apartments
Unit 3308, 33/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road,
Central, Hong Kong
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Located in the financial heart of Asia, Hong Kong Presidential Apartments offers luxurious apartment featuring modern-style services at JARDINE’S LOOKOUT HONG KONG.
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總統套房 (Presidential Apartments)

總統套房(PRESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS)提供每層2電梯2伙(A單位及B單位),A單位建築面積約1218平方尺,B單位建築面積約1343平方尺。A及B單位分別在29樓至31樓高樓層及5樓至10樓中樓層,所有單位設備齊全,居所寬敞舒適。租金受不同高中樓層而定。租期為一個月或以上。
總統套房(PRESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS)適合個人、家庭及公司職務人員設身需要的住宅式服務 — 座落於渣甸山50A號大坑道。